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Dr. Serena McCalla, Founder


Dr. Terrence Bissoondial

Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Biology. Master of Science in Science Education. Ph.D. in Molecular Biology.

My research training is designed to familiarize students with the basic precepts of biological research. In all that I have done to date or see myself doing, I think I shall know of no deed closer to perfection than teaching and researching; to influence eternity and not to fade into oblivion, unknown and unremembered.


Dr. Serena McCalla

BA/BA, MS, and PhD degrees in Science Education, biological sciences, microbiology and hematology, and genetics.

My primary passion is to curate student success via an innate dedication that propels students to establish and conduct credible science research projects; works that will improve life on this planet as we know it.

Who We Are

iResearchScience is a leading provider of science research project preparation, teaching and consultation services for high school and collegiate researchers. As a leader in the science research process and assisting numerous competition winners, iResearchScience provides superior training of science research techniques in the high school and beyond. We specifically foster teaching science research to promote STEM and inquiry in math and science. The iResearchScience team has ensured superior results in the secondary science research competition arena for thousands of students.

Student satisfaction and success is our priority.

Our Vision

We goal to support student learning and experimentation in areas including but not limited to sustainable energy processes, creating new medical procedures, and understanding worlds and stars beyond our solar system. We desire to call this nation of young adults, teachers, and administrators to the task of changing the future of science if provided the tools to do so.

Through the virtue of communicating research findings, iResearchScience wants to assist in the preparation and learning process - whether it may be through publications or presentations. Encouraging and enlisting students for college preparation and to excel in the workforce through proper training and planning is paramount.

One goal is to show students science research in the high school and college is not only tangible but required for the betterment of science and society.