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What is Science Research

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Who is i Research Science?

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Who We Are

How can iResearchScience work for you

Fostering Independence

We are a resource for all students competing/participating in research sciences.


iResearchScience teaches students to present their research in the most efficient manner.

Notable Results

iResearchScience fosters client loyalty through notable results and student support.

Paper and board editing

iResearchScience is one of the first organizations to help you edit your presentation board.

Us for you

We work towards your goals, whether it may be competitions or just for publications.


Have a discussion with us about the AP Research courses and how, together, we can bring reserach to every high school.

Our Videos

Success Stories

See how iResearchScience works for you!

Laura Menocal Portrait-2

Laura Menocal, Class of 2011

Stony Brook University
sagar.rambhia_Intel ISEF 2011

Sagar Rambhia, Class of 2019

Case Western University School of Medicine; Intel STS Semifinalist (2012), Intel ISEF finalist (2011, 2012)

David Zhao, Class of 2018

Jerome Fisher, University of Pennsylvania; Entrepreneur

Neil Mehta, Class of 2016

Princeton University; Intel STS Finalist (2012), Siemens Competition Semifinalist (2011), Intel ISEF Finalist (2011)

Brandon Li, Class of 2014

Yale University; Intel STS Semifinalist (2010), Intel ISEF Finalist (2008-2010)

Pragya Kakani, Class of 2014

Harvard University; Intel STS Semifinalist (2010), Intel ISEF Finalist (2008-2010); Siemens Competition Semifinalist (2008)

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